BGA Reball Service
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BGA Reballing



SemiPack offers BGA Reballing Services with speed, reliability and affordability that are unrivalled in the industry.


The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive restricts the use of lead in nearly all electronic components used today.


To address this issue, SemiPack offers a refinishing process of commercial semiconductor terminations with tin-lead (Sn-Pb).


In addition to RoHS to SnPb conversions, we also offer SnPb conversions needed by RoHS-compliant manufacturers to continue a leaded process.

SemiPack also offers BGA restoration.


Overall, SSI can provide a fast turnaround on reballing projects, and low non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges.


For more information on SemiPack’s Reballing Services, contact us, or request info or a custom quote.