SemiPack Executive Staff
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Executive Staff

Semipack Founder

Ted is the king on our chessboard. He started SemiPack services in 2000, and provided the leadership and tenacity to build the company into what it is today.


Ted spent an amazing 40 years in technology marketing and development with two Fortune 500 companies. During this time he contributed to the development of at least three unique technologies still in use in the laser printing, office furniture, and horticultural industries today. He attended Malone College in Ohio.


Ted is an accomplished photographer with a particular interest in panoramic photos. He is an avid fisherman, fishing in both local and northwestern US waters. Ted is looking forward to spending more time on these interests, while maintaining his invaluable role in steering SemiPack towards ever greater heights.


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Semipack CEO

Brian is our Chief Executive Officer. But, more importantly, he is the public face of SemiPack – the man most people associate with SSI, who works tirelessly to communicate to customers just what we can offer them.


Before SemiPack, Brian served as President of MBR, an electronic packaging recycling company, prior to its acquisition by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 1998.


When he’s not travelling up and down this great nation on behalf of SemiPack, Brian is a passionate musician: as an accomplished saxophonist, he has recorded and played all styles of music, and has performed extensively.


Brian, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, is the best representative that SemiPack could hope for.

Mary Web Pic

Every company has a linchpin – a person, without whom, the day to day business of the company would not be possible. For SemiPack Services, that’s Mary!


As president and CFO, Mary ensures the smooth running of everything at SSI, and makes it possible for us to deliver the vital services we promise to provide.


Before occupying this vital role for us, Mary served as a loss and prevention manager for a multi-national retail company.


Mary is an accomplished visual artist, and the mother of two daughters, Kathryn and Kyleigh.


She attended Slippery Rock State University and The Fashion Institute of Technology. However, we’re just glad she made it to us. We couldn’t do it without her!

Semipack Boarch Chair

Don is our esteemed Board Chair and mentor, lending his expertise, energy and leadership to guide SSI’s development.


As CEO, Don led SumTotal Systems, a public software company, and two early stage companies before that. He has served in executive capacities at Tandem Computers, Bechtel Group, and IBM. Through these experiences, he forged a dynamic management style and problem solving capability that he generously shares with the many companies he works with as an advisor or board member.


SemiPack is one of the companies fortunate to have Don’s mentoring and sage advice. He freely offers his expertise and guidance to the entire leadership team. With Don as our Board Chair, we know we are advised by the best in the industry.


Don is an avid golfer, and enjoys hockey and reading; he is a graduate of the University of Washington. Don and his wife Jeannette have raised two daughters and, when Don is not busy helping companies grow, enjoy the beaches of California.

Semipack Production Manager

As our Production Planning Manager, Kim is not only responsible for the leads on the floor, she is also the person most likely to answer the phone when you call us. If Brian is the face of SemiPack, then Kim is the voice.


Like so many of us, Kim is family: her brother is married to Mary, making her a much-loved sister and daughter in law…


Kim is an avid reader, especially of mysteries and thrillers. A Texas native and animal lover, she is the one who wrangles the numerous SemiPack dogs when they come to the office.


Professionally, Kim’s background is in retail management, and she spent many rewarding years as a visual coordinator for bedding and window treatments. Now, though, she is a priceless part of SemiPack, ensuring that the jobs we do are done flawlessly every time. Thanks Kim!