Electronic Contract Manufacturing Company History
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Company History

The SemiPack Story


Ted Watson started SemiPack Services as a Tape and Reel company in Jacksonville in early 2000 with his two children, Brian Watson and Mary Watson Bloyd. Together the three of them built the company. SSI soon expanded their catalog of services to include lead straightening, BGA reballing, and tinning services.


In 2008 SSI moved to Melbourne, Florida, into a 10,000 sq ft facility. Don Fowler, SemiPack’s Board Chair, became involved with SemiPack and offered his expert advice and guidance. As growth continued, Don and Ted realized that additional expertise was needed to ensure customers continued to receive high quality manufacturing service support.


In February of 2013, Ted turned over day to day responsibilities to Brian and Mary, making them CEO and CFO of SemiPack respectively. Nonetheless, Ted remains active in the company with special projects and R&D, though he also finds a lot more time for his pup, Lola, and for his beloved fishing.


For more information on SemiPack’s Electronic Manufacturing Support Services, contact us, or request info or a custom quote.