BGA Reballing, Tape & Reel, Automated Tinning, and Lead Forming

SemiPack Services is an Electronic Manufacturing Support Service to the semiconductor industry. We specialize in BGA reballing services, tape and reel, automated tinning services, and more to high-mix low-volume (HMLV) customers. SSI is proud to be GEIA-006 and IEC TS 62647-4 compliant. We are also International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), AS9100:2009, Rev. D, and ISO 9001:2015 registered

GEIA-0006 Compliant Automated Tinning Services

SemiPack’s fully automated tinning services restore the finish of leads for both through-hole and surface mount devices. We tin components for a wide variety of applications and adhere to military specifications, including the Government Electronics and Information Technology Association (GEIA) specifications.

Trim & Form for Circuit Boards & Semiconductors

SemiPack has a wide variety of trim and form tooling, including tooling for fine pitch devices. We offer trim and form processes for through-hole devices with both axial and radial lead. Our capabilities range from fully automatic to manual processing; cropping and forming; and lead forming to meet clients’ exact specifications.

Tape & Reel for Surface Mount, Radial & Axial Packaging

SemiPack provides rapid and flexible taping per industry standards. Our tape and reel operations support a wide variety of standard surface mount, radial, and custom component package types. SemiPack’s key advantage is an inventory of over 4,000 pockets, including hard-to-find component pockets.

BGA Component Reballing & Circuit board Rework

SemiPack offers BGA reballing services and BGA restoration services with speed, reliability, and affordability that is unrivaled in the electronics manufacturing industry. SemiPack provides electronics manufacturers with a single source to meet reball project demands while reaching the highest quality of standards.