Manager: Kim Bloyd

Kim Bloyd - Semipack Production Manager

Production Planning Manager Kim Bloyd


As our Production Planning Manager, Kim is not only responsible for the leads on the floor, she is also the person most likely to answer the phone when you call us.


Like so many of us, Kim is family: her brother is married to Mary, making her a much-loved sister and daughter in law…


Kim is an avid reader, especially of mysteries and thrillers. A Texas native and animal lover, she is the one who wrangles the numerous SemiPack dogs when they come to the office.


Professionally, Kim’s background is in retail management, and she spent many rewarding years as a visual coordinator for bedding and window treatments. Now, though, she is a priceless part of SemiPack, ensuring that the jobs we do are done flawlessly every time. Thanks Kim!