Chairman: Don Fowler

Semipack Boarch Chair

Don is our esteemed Board Chair and mentor, lending his expertise, energy and leadership to guide SSI’s development.


As CEO, Don led SumTotal Systems, a public software company, and two early stage companies before that. He has served in executive capacities at Tandem Computers, Bechtel Group, and IBM. Through these experiences, he forged a dynamic management style and problem solving capability that he generously shares with the many companies he works with as an advisor or board member.


SemiPack is one of the companies fortunate to have Don’s mentoring and sage advice. He freely offers his expertise and guidance to the entire leadership team. With Don as our Board Chair, we know we are advised by the best in the industry.


Don is an avid golfer, and enjoys hockey and reading; he is a graduate of the University of Washington. Don and his wife Jeannette have raised two daughters and, when Don is not busy helping companies grow, enjoy the beaches of California.