In-Plant Stores


SemiPack Services offers In-Plant (Electronic Manufacturing) Stores (IPS) to customers interested in creative, highly responsive production, especially companies using the just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing model.

In this unique partnership opportunity, SemiPack personnel staff the IPS located in our customer’s production facility, and handle material, process and overhead.

Supplies and equipment are customized to meet specific needs and support our customer’s production and engineering requirements. Lines continue to run, even through feeder and tape glitches.

With IPS, customers have experienced dramatic reductions in down time, from as much as days down to minutes.

IPS allows the customer to purchase only the parts needed to build, rather than full reel quantities, which reduces inventory costs.


SemiPack provides the equipment inventory for the IPS, so the customer doesn’t have to.

IPS production is seamlessly integrated into the customer’s production. A Semipack In-Plant Store will improve your flexibility in responding to changing market demands and shorten your time to market and your response to engineering change notices.

To learn how SemiPack can tailor an IPS to fit your needs, contact us, or you can request info or a custom quote.