Our BGA Reballing Process



SemiPack Services has been providing BGA Conversion/ Modification to the Military, Aerospace/Avionics & Commercial market segments for well over 15 years. We have developed with the implementation of full robotics technology, superior proven processes for De-Balling/ Re-Balling Ball Grid Arrays (BGA’s).


SemiPack’s Ball Attach Process includes the Conversion to Leaded (63/37) spheres for those Hi-Rel applications, as well as the Conversion from Leaded (63/37), spheres to RoHS (SAC 305) spheres for more Commercial applications.

How Does Our BGA Reballing Process Work?

Step 1: BGA Deballing- Sphere Removal

SemiPack’s automation removes the existing solder sphere and pad finish with our Odyssey RPS Robotic Technologies. This process, a non-contact operation, flushes the current Lead-Free solder spheres and surface residues from the pads and replaces them with Solder ( 63/37 ) Spheres. SemiPack has also implemented RPS Vector (Full Robotics) technology for processing the High Pin count BGA devices (25mm).

Step 2: BGA Re-Balling- Sphere Attach/Alignment

SemiPack’s automation provides for 100% removal and alignment/ attachment accuracy of the replacement solder spheres ensuring the most durable solder joints with perfect co-planarity. SemiPack’s Re-Balling /Modification on BGA’s (Ball Grid Arrays) are processed to customer specifications based on required solder sphere diameters. They are placed with custom-designed, hand-tooled stencils that afford perfect alignment. SemiPack’s Process Engineering reviews all customer & manufacturing datasheets to validate reflow requirements for each new component that requires a reflow profile.


Step 3: BGA Rework & Reflow Services

After BGA reballing is complete, forced convection reflow, or rework, takes place. Forced convection reflow is a method used to solder components to a printed circuit board. The oven is typically separated into controlled zones, optimizing for thermal specifications. This process is controlled and maintains a low-component temperature to minimize its’ thermal gradient. Ovens are calibrated & thermally profiled.

Step 4: BGA Inspection/Testing

SemiPack Services provides a litany of Inspection & Testing Services:

  • Visual Inspection ( 100% ) Checkpoints for FOD; damage from shipping; Corrosion/ Heavy Oxidation; Package Cracks; De-Lamination, etc..
  • Optical Inspection on Solder Sphere condition
  • Automated Inspection for Co-Planarity; Pitch; FOD
  • XRF- Elemental & Thickness Documentation
  • Ball Shear Analysis (outsourced)
  • Ionic Cleanliness ( Resistivity of Solvent Extract ) ROSE Test
  • Solderability

SemiPack’s Provides Quality BGA Component Reballing

SemiPack is ITAR compliant and ISO 9001:2015 registered, allowing us to work with aerospace, defense, and a wide variety of other clients. We are a technology-driven company, allowing us to efficiently and cost-effectively reball BGA components with high compliance standards. Other standards SemiPack is upheld to includes:

  • Quality System: AS9100 Rev D
  • Full ESD Environment
  • Humidity & Temperature Controlling Features
  • Process Documentation/ Full Traceability

As one of the industries, Global leaders in BGA & Component Modifications, SemiPack Services provides the Industries with Low & High Volume processes and are equipped to handle Quick-Turn requirements. SemiPack prides itself on our abilities for “problem-solving” that assist our customer concerns for BGA Repair/ Modification that will best be suited for their application or technology.