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SemiPack BGA Deballing

A ball grid array (BGA) is a type of circuit board array characterized by its regular grid of soldered metal balls, which are used to establish multiple connections with printed circuit boards (PCBs) in electronic equipment. They are highly durable and long-lasting when compared to other board designs, making them ideal for use in high-performance and industrial equipment in everything from aerospace and avionics systems to military equipment and commercial manufacturing.

While BGAs are more durable than more traditional arrays, the connections can loosen over time, especially when exposed to harsh conditions or extended use. Loose connections can result in unreliable performance and unwanted bridges between connections. In order to mitigate this separation, it is sometimes necessary to re-solder the balls on the BGA’s grid.

With the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) implementation in July of 2006, the electronics industry rapidly converted most electronic components and assembly processes from tin-lead to lead-free. Due to reliability concerns, the use of lead-free BGAs is restricted for most Class 3 high reliability and avionics programs and prohibited on most space programs. Furthermore, lead-free BGAs are not compatible with tin-lead soldering processes, and soldering tin-leads BGAs with tin-lead solder may result in very unreliable solder joint interconnects.

To mitigate the reliable risks associated with lead-free and mixed tin-lead / lead-free assembly, it is necessary to replace the lead-free solder spheres on BGAs with tin-lead.

BGA Reballing Process

BGA reballing services require uniquely designed machinery and a high degree of skill and expertise to ensure quality connections and reliability. SemiPack’s BGA reballing process is engineered to produce quality results with the utmost speed and efficiency.

How Does Our BGA Reballing Process Work?

Step 1: BGA Deballing Sphere Removal

The first step in our reballing process is the removal of the existing solder spheres. Using our Robotic Technology, we remove the balls and any residual surface material from the BGA pad before replacing it with new spheres of soldered material.

Step 2: BGA Reballing Sphere Attachment and Alignment

Using custom-designed, laser-printed stencils, we ensure that the reattached spheres are perfectly aligned in accordance with customer specifications, including placement and sphere diameter. Prior to reballing, our quality department conducts a thorough review of all datasheets and specifications to ensure that the resultant BGA configuration will function as intended.

Step 3: BGA Rework and Reflow Services

After the new spheres are attached, we use forced convection reflow to solder the new spheres to the component PCB. Convection reflow is completed in an oven with highly calibrated thermal gradients to ensure that the soldered components adhere to the surface of the board with extreme precision.

Step 4: BGA Inspection and Testing

One of the most critical aspects of BGA reballing services is quality assurance inspections and testing. At SemiPack Services, we provide a wide range of inspection and testing services throughout the BGA reballing process, including visual and optical inspection, X-ray fluorescence (XRF), co-planarity, FOD, solderability, and SemiPack’s Patented Solarius Co-Planarity Technology™ bump inspection among many others.

SemiPack Provides Quality BGA Component Reballing

At SemiPack, we are committed to providing only the highestquality BGA reballing services in the industry. We are ITAR compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified, which allows us to provide services to our customers in aerospace, defense, and a wide range of other specialty industries. We are committed to using only the latest technology for the most efficient and cost-effective services that meet even the most stringent industry standards. Our compliance operations also include:

–  Quality System Certification AS9100 Rev D

–  Full ESD Environment

–  Strict Humidity and Temperature Control

–  Comprehensive Process Documentation with Full Traceability

As an industry leader in BGA modifications and conversions, SemiPack Services is capable of handling both high and low volume BGA reballing processes with quick turnarounds. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving skills and enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect BGA solution for even the most complex applications and newest technologies.

BGA Reballing Services

SemiPack’s cutting-edge BGA reballing machines are capable of quickly restoring BGA components to their original specifications. As a recognized global provider of BGA services, SemiPack is dedicated to providing a full complement of quality BGA reballing services for our customers in every industry.

SemiPack’s Reballing Services

Our BGA reballing services include:

  • Commercial Semiconductor Terminations with Tin-Lead (Sn-Pb)
  • RoHS to SnPb Conversions
  • SnPb Conversions for RoHS-Compliant Manufacturers
  • BGA Restoration
  • Low Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) Charges
  • First Time Ball Attachment of LGA/QFN/LCC Packages
  • Reball of BGAs with High Melting Point (HMP) Spheres
  • Reball of BGAs with Plastic Core Solder Balls (PCSB)
  • Laser Balling on Specialist Substrates

BGA Restoration Services to Meet IEC TS 62647-4 Compliance

Not only do we offer quality BGA reballing services, but we are also pleased to offer a host of IEC TS 62647-4 compliant BGA restoration services through our staff of experienced engineers and operators. With SemiPack, you receive reliable and consistent components that meet even the most stringent industry standards. Our extensive range of certifications allows us to provide exceptional BGA services for our customers in any industry.

SemiPack’s BGA Reballing Advantage

For more than a decade, SemiPack Services has made continuous improvements in mechanical and process engineering for our BGA modification operations. Using the latest robotic automation and solder sphere placement technology, we specialize in reballing BGA packages as small as 3mm2 to over 50mm2 with ball pitch ranging from 0.30mm to 1.50mm and solder spheres sizes ranging from 0.20mm to 0.75mm. 

BGA Modification and System Qualifications

SemiPack’s FR-1418 BGA equipment consists of a self-contained metrology system that incorporates a non-contact confocal chromatic white line sensor, a two-axis frictionless linear motor system, a computer, and proprietary analysis software. The system has been fully automated using the latest robotics technology from RPS’ Vector 360. As a leading provider of BGA modification services, we are constantly investing in improvements to ensure that our processes can meet the ever-evolving demands of changing technologies in every industry.

Fully certified in accordance with ISO 9001, AS9100 Rev D, and ITAR standards, SemiPack is pleased to offer the highest degree of quality for critical military, aerospace, commercial, and automotive applications. Our internal standards are consistent with IEC TS 62647-4, Process Management for Avionics & Defense Systems that contain Lead-Free Solder. With the highest level of technology and strict adherence to industry standards, SemiPack is capable of producing superior quality products with the utmost precision and speed.

Pre- and Post-BGA Reballing Qualification Tests

At SemiPack Services, we ensure superior quality products through rigorous testing conducted throughout the reballing process.

Pre-Process and Process Qualification Tests

  •  Visual Inspections
  •  XRF Test

Post-Process Qualification Tests

  •  Visual Inspection
  •  XRF Test
  •  Solderability Test
  •  Solarius BGA Metrology System, including 3D optical inspection measurement, sphere diameter and placement, and   co-planarity
  •  Additional Testing, including Ball-Shear, CSAM, and DPA

Standard we comply to: 

IEC TS 62647-4 – Process management for avionics – Aerospace and defense electronic systems containing lead-free solder – Part 4: Ball grid array (BGA) re-balling

J-STD Compliance and MIL-STD Compliance From SemiPack 

SemiPack maintains a comprehensive selection of industry certifications and registrations to ensure compliance with rigorous industry standards, including J-STD for soldering materials and processes as well as MIL-STD for military standards and operations in extreme conditions. 

J-STD Specifications

J-STD 006. Requirements for electronic grade solder alloys and fluxed and non-fluxed solid solders for electronic soldering applications

J-STD 033. Joint IPC/JEDEC standard for handling, packing, shipping, and use of moisture and reflow-sensitive surface-mount devices

J-STD-004. Requirements for the classification and testing of rosin, resin, organic, and inorganic fluxes for high-quality interconnections

J-STD-020. A joint standard for moisture sensitivity classification developed by the IPC/JEDEC

MIL-STD Specifications

MIL-STD 883. Establishes uniform methods, controls, and procedures for testing microelectronic devices suitable for use within military and aerospace electronic systems

MIL-STD 750. Establishes uniform methods for testing semiconductor devices

MIL-STD 202. Establishes uniform methods for testing electronic and electrical component parts

Choose SemiPack Services for Superior BGA Reballing Services

For more than 15 years, SemiPack Services has been a leading global provider of superior quality reballing services for our customers in critical industries, from aerospace and automotive to defense and medical. We pride ourselves on using the latest BGA modification technology to ensure exceptional accuracy with a quick turnaround. To learn more about our BGA reballing and restoration services, contact us today or request a quote.