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At SemiPack Services Inc., we provide electronic manufacturing support services to customers within the semiconductor industry. One of our core service offerings is tape and reel, which is a process that involves packaging electronic components into individual pockets made from carrier tape, sealing them with a cover tape, winding the carrier tape around a reel, and enclosing the reel in a reel box for shipment to the customer. It is ideal for packaging electronic components in bulk as the packaged units ensure they remain safe during transit and storage and make it easier for customers to retrieve and mount them during manufacturing applications. 


Our Tape and Reel Capabilities


Our manual and automated taping systems allow for flexible, reliable, and quick services as per industry standards. Additionally, armed with an inventory of over 4,000 pockets—including hard-to-find component pockets—we can readily support a variety of component package types, including: 

  • Surface mount. We offerpocketed reels made with embossed and punched carrier and cover tape.
  • Axial. We offer inside paper tape spacing for capacitors. 
  • Radial. We offer punched paper tape for leads.
  • Custom. We offer in-house pocket design and tool services for non-standard shaped components. 

In every tape and reel project, our expert team carefully chooses tape and reel materials to prevent loading/unloading issues and electrostatic discharge (ESD) failures in sensitive electronic parts. 

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Why Partner With SemiPack?

Whether you’re in aerospace, military, or another industry that uses semiconductors, we can meet your tape and reel needs! By partnering with us, you benefit from our: 

  • Manual and automated capabilities. We maintain both manual and automated tape and reel capabilities, which enables us to offer appropriate solutions for various component volumes. 
  • Numerous tape and reel options. Our range of tape and reel options, combined with our in-house custom design capabilities, allows us to accommodate a variety of semiconductor parts and products.
  • Baking and dry packing services. Our baking and dry packing services help keep moisture-sensitive components safe during transit and storage. Baking reduces the moisture within a package. The baked units are then placed in a moisture-barrier bag with desiccant to keep moisture levels low.
  • Product testing services. Our product testing services ensure all goods meet the necessary specifications and standards. 
  • Quick turnaround times. We can provide same-day turnaround for standard pockets and expedited turnaround for non-standard pockets. 
  • Industry certifications. We are fully dedicated to providing the best products and services to our customers. Our various industry certifications reflect this commitment. We are certified to the following: ISO 9001:2015 (standards for quality management systems in any industry), AS9100 (standards for quality management systems in the aerospace, space, and defense industries), and ITAR (export requirements and restrictions for defense and military-related technologies).

Contact the SemiPack Experts Today!

For all of your tape and reel service needs, turn to the experts at SemiPack! Whether you require standard or non-standard pockets, our team will provide you with a high-quality solution that fully meets your specifications and standards. To learn more about our tape and reel or other electronic manufacturing support capabilities, contact us today. To discuss your requirements with one of team members or receive pricing details, request a quote.



SemiPack provides reliable, rapid and flexible services for automated and manual taping per industry standards. SemiPack’s tape and reel operations support a wide variety of standard surface mount, radial, axial and custom component package types.

We have on hand a large number of embossed and punched carrier tapes for surface mount components. SemiPack’s key advantage is an inventory of over 4,000 pockets, including hard-to-find component pockets, especially tape for connectors. SSI has the in-house ability to rapidly design and tool pockets for odd-shaped components.



SemiPack is structured to provide quick turnaround, and can offer same-day turns.

For customers who require expedited service on non-standard pockets, SemiPack will provide a quote upon request.

For your tape and reel service requirements, especially if a hard-to-find pocket is required, contact SemiPack for high quality services.

For more information on SemiPack’s Electronic Manufacturing Support Services, contact us, or request a custom quote.