Author: Scott Bloyd

Tin Whiskers vs. Metal Dendrites: What’s the Difference?

Tin whiskers and metal dendrites are structural formations that appear in tin materials during manufacturing and finishing processes. While metal dendrites have been a long-identified metal fabrication problem, the discovery of tin whiskers came more recently. The two seem similar to the untrained eye, making it difficult to tell the difference between the two structural […]

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4 Tips For Preventing Tin Whiskers

Tin plating—i.e., a process that involves coating a substrate with layers of tin—is commonly used during the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is used to protect the copper traces from corrosion, oxidation, and other possible forms of degradation during production and use. As tin is readily available, easily solderable, and highly corrosion-resistant, it […]

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Automated vs. Manual Tape and Reel Packaging

  Tape and reel technology is the most common means of processing, handling, storing, and transporting precision surface-mounted electronic components. Tape and reel services save on time, space, energy, and materials while providing safety and stability for electronic devices. The three primary types of tape and reel include axial, radial, and surface mount. The Differences […]

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Website Renovations!

Welcome to our newly renovated website! We’re still working on some things so please excuse us if you encounter any issues while browsing through. Thanks for understanding….

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